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Tbird August 2014
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Scott Stewart and Blessed.
Source: The Chronicle
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equestrians man
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Bumbellini 🍹🍑
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Nick Haness & Paddington
June Classic USHJA Hunter Derby
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Best advice from grandma
theunbecomingoflisa: hey!!! So I ride a little pony and i was just wondering if you had any tips/tricks on improving her trot. She rushed quite a lot and I'm trying to slow her down and get her to lift her legs a but more and look less like she is running haha, whenever I try raised trotting poles she just rushes at them no matter how i pull on the reigns. I'm working on getting her head in for more control and I was just wondering if you have any advice on how to slow her down/make her trot nicer. Xxx

Oh wow. I really don’t have much experience with that expect to try to slow your posting way down! I’m sorry I don’t have much else to offer!

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Got scope?

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new tailoreds 😍
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